Abyangha Self- Massage


Abyangha is an ancient Ayurvedic technique of daily self-massage.  It seals and protects the skin, calms and tones the muscles, centers the mind and provides a barrier to outside influence.  You will need to purchase a good natural bristle brush available at most health food stores.  Begin massaging at the extremities; feet moving upwards on the front & back of legs.  Then do hands, moving upwards to the shoulders.  Next, massage the abdomen, chest, shoulders, upper & lower back, and buttocks.

The skin is a very elaborate defense mechanism to protect us from invading bacteria and virus and loss of moisture.  Sebaceous glands deep in the skin secrete an acidic, oily mantel called sebum, which forms a protective layer.  This layer can be stripped off if you use ordinary soap, which is alkaline.  Abyangha adds vegetable oils and essential oils to the skin mantel supporting, not disrupting, the protection. Additionally, this mantel is part of our etheric energy field.  Keeping it strong can protect us from being unduly influenced by outside emotions, negativity or control.  It strengthens your energy centers and prevents you from being diverted from your purpose.

It is traditional to do Abyangha in the morning before you shower or bathe.  It can also be helpful for insomnia or very dry skin to perform it at night.  I have found that because I take hot baths, it is better for me to do my Abyangha after bathing.

Essential Oils

It is important to make your own personal oil blend using a vegetable oil appropriate for your body type and essential oils chosen for your specific health concerns.  In 8 oz. of vegetable oil use 100 to 150 drops of various essential oils.


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