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Frantic with activity and movement, yet because of the use of cars, elevators, computers, etc., it allows us little sustained aerobic activity. The human mechanism is made to work. “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. Two-thirds of all metabolism takes place in the muscles. If they are weak, under used, or flacid, your metabolism will be slowed down accordingly. Each metabolic type has a variety of exercise choices which will support and maintain it. John Douillard states in his book, “Body, Mind, and Sport”, that only 15% of us regularly exercise. He finds that people will exercise more if it is fun and if they have some aptitude for the specific sport. Fifty percent of Americans experience their first failure in life as a sports failure; often in sports which didn’t fit their body type (i.e. a large boy humiliated in rope climbing or a tightly strung, skinny girl ridiculed because she couldn’t touch her toes.

Any bodytype “can” play any sport, but each bodytype has certain strengths and weaknesses which can predispose favorably toward a happy long-term relationship with certain sports.

Vatas are high-strung, excitable, changeable, and endowed with quickness and agility. They do not have great endurance, tend to injure more easily, and often quit exercise programs easily. They need to develop regular exercise habits, slow down, avoid over-exhaustion, and compulsive exercises (be reasonable). They do well with dance, low impact aerobics, bowling, doubles tennis, horseback riding, tai chi, swimming, weight training, and yoga.

Pittas are motivated, competitive leaders who can be hot-headed and play to win. They have the strength of Kapha and the speed of Vatas. They benefit from focusing more on the fun of the game and commaradiere of team sports than on ego satisfaction from competing in individual sports. They will enjoy more benefit from basketball and team sports, cycling, diving, golf, martial arts, skiing, surfing, and yoga.

Kapha bodytypes need exercise more than other types for health and to maintain optimum weight. They can be less motivated to exercise and must enjoy it to continue. They have great endurance and do not injure easily. They enjoy the commaradiere of team sports and make steady players. They do well with aerobics, basketball, weight training, running, cross country skiing, martial arts, rowing, soccer, and are seals in water sports.

Exercise not only increases your metabolism (burns fat) but it also eliminates toxins, increases self-image, creates endorphins, and produces more restful sleep. Normalization of weight comes naturally with regular exercise.


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