An Ayurvedic consultation is for those who want to create life changes and enhance the health. In an Ayurvedic consultation, we discover your body type based on the Ayurvedic constitutional types. Serious observation of pulse, visual observation of face, tongue, hair, skin, nails, and eyes is conducted to discover the imbalances and prevent disease. After the evaluation the practitioner will determine your body type, work with your unbalanced emotions and their root causes and send you home with herbs,oils, and spiritual practices that can improve your health and well-being. Due to over indulgence of our society (too much TV, the wrong foods and a fast paced life) it is easy to create an imbalance which is the root cause of disease. An Ayurvedic practitioner can refer you to do a pancha karma, or to a shirodhara or Ayurvedic massage. They can also recommend certain gems or to see an astrologist.