Great Gifts For Any Occasion

Not sure what gift to get for the picky loved ones in your life? Know someone who seems to have “everything”? Give them the gift of Ayurvedic Health. We have gift certificates available in amounts from $50+. Every holiday is an opportunity to get closer to those you love, heal ourselves, and move just a little closer to the Divine. Ayurveda offers something for everyone in your family or circle of friends. Perfect for birthdays, winter holidays, mother/father’s day or just because you care!

We all enjoy taking vacations and trips. Our Pancha Karma program is a unique experience for any family. It gives you an opportunity to rejuvenate, harmonize, and balance with yourself and those around you. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of self awareness in the path to health and well-being. Everyone can benefit from this deep mental, spiritual, and physical cleansing.

Gift certificates can be used with our world-class Pancha Karma Program as well as any of the services available at the JothiVita Spa in partnership with Ayurvedic Healers.

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