Pancha Karma, Seasonal House Cleaning of the Body


PKseasonalhousecleanWe have already had several discussions on Pancha Karma, and we welcome you back to our page for more information! We wanted to give you some more information about our favorite subject here at Ayurvedic Healers…

Today Pancha Karma is performed when chronic disease, brought by environmental toxins and/or self indulgent lifestyles, produces symptoms of pain and dysfunction. Dis-ease is often our body’s way of demanding change. The techniques of Pancha Karma used to open blocked channels bring awareness of the connection of the self to others and to all of existence. Rejuvenation opens us to the  to the Healer within and creates within and creates within us a desire to serve others and to return to life what has been received. the five basic purification techniques include: Oleation (sneehana), Purgation (Virechana), Sweats (Swedhana), Enema (Basti), and Nasal Therapy (Nasya). Because each cleansing is specifically adapted for each body type (dosha) and takes into account individual conditions, some purifications might include Emesis (vomiting), Bloodletting (Rakta Moksha), Shirodhara (Third Eye Balancing), and Tarpana (Relationship Healing).

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