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Pancha Karma

Pancha Karma is a complete Ayurvedic lifestyle and educational program based on the Science of Life and sessions are normally experienced during the change of seasons. These Pancha Karma cleansing and rejuvenating sessions can be provided at an Ayurvedic Retreat Center or in the comfort of your home. For the home program, find a local massage therapist or Ayurvedic Practitioner that has been trained in the art and science of Ayurveda.

You will learn: ayurvedic pulse taking

  • How to strengthen your body with yoga asanas for your body type.
  • A practice of forgiveness that addresses relationship and ancestor patterns.
  • Self-inquiry on your personal patterns of behavior.
  • How to break old habit patterns and addictions with a Lifestyle
  • Consultation.
  • How to set goals for yourself.
  • How to nurture yourself and others.
  • Clarity on your life purpose and steps to actualize it.
  • How to develop harmony and bliss.
  • You will learn that when you take time for yourself, you will have more energy, more patience, more
    compassion, and more joy to share with others.

This Pancha Karma Program emphasizes lifestyle coaching and self-administered methods for prevention and longevity. Your days will be filled with activities that enhance wellbeing. Light and Bryan will act as mentors who provide support and encouragement for you to assimilate the transformative gifts that Ayurveda offers. A personalized self-care home program is provided to encourage your transformative lifestyle experience.

yoga - pancha karmaRecords indicate that Pancha Karma was in practice as early as 300 A.D. and was performed at the turn of the seasons to prepare the body for changes in diet and environmental conditions. Pancha Karma is carefully adapted for each body type and specific conditions. The five actions to purify the body are: Oleation (Sneehana), Purgation (Virechana), Sweats (Swedhana), Enema (Basti), and Nasal Therapy (Nasya). Some systems include Emesis (Therapeutic Vomiting), Bloodletting, Shirodhara, and Tarpana (Relationship Healing). Oleation (Sneehana) - Self-administered. This self-administered action involves the use of oil taken internally and externally to soften and make supple the tissues of the body so that ama (toxins) can flow freely outward. Ghee, castor oil, or medicated oils are used to prepare the digestive tract for cleansing. Due to the lack of medicated oils available in this country, and the time it takes to prepare them at home, essential oils added to organic vegetable oils provide a stable substitute that is less likely to become rancid from long storage or shipping, yet are full of active healing properties. External use of oils loosens and softens the external channels (pores, sebaceous glands, lymph, and capillaries), and prepares them for cleansing through sweating.

Purgation (Virechana)
This purifying action is accomplished with cleansing herbs for the small intestines and reduces excess fire. Purgation is only done for two days as more would lower the digestive fire and deplete the vital forces. Essential oils play no internal part in purgation, however, licensed massage therapists perform abdominal massage using an appropriate essential oil blend created for your body type.Swedhana

Sweats (Swedana)
Swedhana uses the natural forces of heat and steam to open the outer channels and aid the body’s natural eliminative processes. Essential oils added to the steam stimulates, energizes, and cleanses the skin and the life force. Steam cabinets allow the head to be outside the cabinet so the head remains cool.

Enema (Basti )– Self-administered
Traditional western enemas using plain water are drying and depleting to the colon. Ayurveda recommends herbal teas, medicated and vegetable oils, milk, and yogurt to cleanse, build, and nourish the sensitive and important eliminative tract. When Light trained at the Nature Cure Hospital at the Ghandi Center in India, she saw basti equipment very similar to the Colema Board.

Nasal therapy (Nasya)Nasya
This purifying action is used to clear impurities from the head and sinus, reduce pain, and promote relaxation. The stimulation of the limbic system (primitive brain) via the olfactory nerve can have profound effects on our mood, emotions, desires, appetites, and memories. Powders, oils, teas, or smoke are various mediums for directly affecting the Prana Vata. Application of medicated oils to the ears is often included.

Emesis - (only when needed)
Therapeutic vomiting is especially useful in Kapha imbalance and results in excess mucous that has collected in the stomach (usually from lung and sinus drainage) to be ejected from the body. This will allow more efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients. Not to be practiced by the lay person, Emesis must be done under the supervision of a trained Ayurvedic Practitioner.

Bloodletting (Rakta Moksha)
A practice since ancient times, the letting of blood as a remedy to illness continued into the 1800’s. Physicians were once called “leeches” due to their usage of this creature to draw blood. Incredibly, leeches are still used by some medical doctors in conditions of hemorrhage and fluid retention just beneath the skin. Medicine has nothing else that works as well.Three results can be encouraged by modern bloodletting (via donation of blood): someone else’s life can be saved by your donation; toxins which your body has not eliminated will be directly removed; and your circulatory and immune system will be stimulated to produce new fresh blood by the slight but sudden loss of fluid.

Shirodhara pancha karma
This is the technique of administering a stream of warm oil onto the third eye area of the forehead. Traditionally, sesame oil is used, but oils appropriate to the doshic imbalance blended with appropriate essential oils will be more effective. Shirodhara is deeply stimulating to the nervous system, releasing neuro-hormones and creating ecstatic feelings of relaxation and pleasure.

Tarpana (Relationship Healing )
While it is true that foods, herbs, oils, and lifestyles are important healing modalities to be embraced, we should also acknowledge that our thoughts and feelings may be the most powerful factor in our wellbeing. The Tarpana ceremony is a way to become free from the power of negative, judgmental, or limiting thoughts and provides the possibility of making great strides within our lives. Being released from any negative past relationship patterns, we are free to experience a greater connection to all of life. It can be a life-changing experience.

Everyone is a candidate for pancha karma - these yogic therapies have been used since ancient time to cleanse the body and for the prevention of disease.

Chakra Annointment
Light blessing and anointing the chakras

Chakra Annointment

Chakra anointing has been performed by priests and holy men for thousand of years to bring tranquility and expansion. The anointment can bring one into an altered state. You do not have to be in a pancha karma or receive a massage to have a chakra anointment done.

The Chakras are our energy anatomy. At the end of the day of healing, chakras are annointed to bring balance, bliss and harmony to the ethereal, physical and emotional body.

Give yourself 3, 5 or 7 days of rejuvenation, better health, stress reduction, energy, vitality, and Peace. Regular pricing 3 days : $1700,  5 days : $2500, 7 days : $3200 - to prepare for your Pancha Karma, click here


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