Toxins and Ayurveda

There are two types of toxins which can build up in our organism and slow down our metabolism causing us to hold more weight.

The first are man-made and released into our environment (food, water, and air supply) by industrial and modern farming methods. Lead, cadmium, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals stack up on the food chain. We are at the top. They concentrate in our bodies and interfer with our metabolism (slowing it down).

Additionally, our bodies have toxic by-products of our digestion and metabolism which sometimes builds up, causing a chemical slowdown. CO2, urea (uric aid), nitrogen, alkaloids, and other organ compounds are usually escorted out by our eliminative organs (liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, and colon). If any of these are blocked (constipation, stones, malfunction, or congestion), these chemicals build up causing water weight (dilution) and slows down (weight gain).

Ayurveda has designed a special seasonal cleanse called Panchakarma to periodically clear all of these toxins out, allowing a return to health. Panchakarma includes: specific bodytype consultation, light diet or fasting, special herbs for clearing and rebuilding the organs, steam or sauna to remove toxins from the skin, colon cleansing, special massage to move the lymph, and special therapies to calm the mind and emotions.

Toxic thoughts and emotions can cause the body to hold weight as insulation, armament, and protection from a seemingly hostile world. Ayurvedic philosophy and meditation allows each person to see the world as their own perfect creation. Tarpana, a guided relationship healing ceremony, allows the individual to see the gift of each person in their life. Special yoga and breathing exercises can increase your metabolism. In a week of Pancha Karma, people will often lose 7-15 pounds and learn good habits and practices which will allow continual safe weight reduction to naturally occur.


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