Taking Care During Kapha Season






Ayurveda classifies the seasons according to their respective Dosha. As we leave the winds of the Vata season (Fall) behind, we move into the Kapha season – the winter season. This is the season of lingering flu, colds, and bronchitis. Staying warm and dry is important. Keeping the immune system strong is very important during this time of cold, changeable weather.

Made up of a mixture of water and earth, Kapha is responsible for the energy that gives the body its structure. It lubricates our joints and skin, assisting in the healing of wounds and immunity. Like winter characteristics, Kapha is slow, heavy, damp, oily, slimy, soft, static and sweet. When an imbalance has manifested, successful treatment requires increasing opposite qualities.

Herbs to remember for good health during Kapha season

Basil – Good for lungs, excellent ingredient for salad dressing, opens heart and mind; bestows love and devotion, clears aura and strengthens immune system.

Tulsi – The Indian variety of Basil and next to Lotus, is perhaps the most sacred plant of India. It has a strong purifying influence to the nervous system and absorbs negative ions and liberates the ozone from the suns rays. Both basils are diaphoretic, release fevers; decongest the lungs relieving flu and respiratory conditions. The Indian variety is more pungent than the western variety that we have in our markets.

Sage – Known for reducing excess water weight in the body; it has astringent quality, good for night sweats. It dries mucous membrane, suppresses mammary secretions, stops bleeding and is very good for ulcers. A great expectorant for the winter months.

Rosemary – Mental alertness, digestive aid, expectorant, and rejuvenative.

Thyme – A great pain reliever; it is warming to the digestive tract.


Learn more about balancing your Dosha during Kapha season, including practicing a Kapha pacifying diet, by scheduling a consultation today.

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