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Ayurveda Ministries Program

Provided by Drs. Light & Bryan Miller
The Ayurveda Ministries Program is devised in two phases, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching and the Ayurvedic Clinical Counselor. Each is an intense 6 month program designed for individuals who have already completed their education as an integrative practitioner or allied healthcare professional (LMT, Acupuncturist, Yoga Instructor, DC, MD, DO) and others looking for a deep understanding of Ayurveda. This program is designed to integrate the education needed to provide Ayurvedic services to communities all over the world!

The mission of this program is to train our most qualified students and prepare them to perform Ayurvedic consultations and offer healing and transformational Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations.

This unique Ayurvedic Program is the only one of its kind in the east coast of the United States. The program is taught by Drs. Light and Bryan Miller, who bring an interactive approach to training Ayurvedic Counselors and Lifestyle Coaches by embracing Ayurveda in their personal lifestyle and passing on their tools with a Naturopathic perspective. Through their experience over the past 35 years, the Millers have trained over 500 Ayurvedic Counselors and Lifestyle Coaches. Our next Ayurvedic Ministries Program in Hollywood, Florida will begin in September 2015.

For more information please visit the Ayurvedic Center for Well-Being
2119 A Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, Florida 33020
Contact us by phone at 954-923-4444 or via email.

Rejuvenation Through Purification and Balance

Must be an Ayurvedic Practitioner before taking this class.

Learn all aspects of Pancha Karma combining traditional and modern approaches. You will receive two weeks of intensive hands on (giving and receiving) of the Pancha Karma Therapies.

Pancha Karma Training
Call us for upcoming dates on the next classes 954-923-4444
In order to do Pancha Karma Training you will need a massage license.
The length of the training is 2 weeks.

Hands on Training Covers the Following:

Purva Karma: Palliative or preparatory process designed to loosen and liquify toxins (ama) using oi (snehana) and sweating (svedhana) methods.

What you will be learning:

Extended oleation (abhyanga)
Indian Massage, Marma Points
Lymphatic Drainage
Shirodhara, Shiro Basti
Internal Oleation (snehapana) according to body type (dosha)
Svedhana: Body Wrap, Lepa, Pinda Svedhana, Pizichili, Bashp Svedhana
Daily Yoga Practice
Appropriate Diet (recipes and food preparation according to dosha)
Pancha Karma: “Pancha” means “five”; “Karma” means “actions,” used not only for healing, but also for seasonal prevention and rejuvenation.

Therapies you will learn:

Nasya: nasal administration of medicted oils for different body types
Basti: medicated enemas, colima application
Virechana: administration of purgative substances
Vaman: emesis
Rakta Moksha: bloodletting, discussion of but not direct application
Uttara Karma: follow-up practices after Pancha Karma to rebuild the tissues through proper diet and lifestyle.

Other Therapeutic Procedures you will learn and receive:

Tarpana: relationship healing ceremony
Ayurvedic facials for different body types
Karma Purana: ear treatment
Liver and Gallbladder flush
Ayurvedic application of essential oils for Pancha Karma
Pizhichil: continuous pouring of warm oil over the entire body
Uttara Bashti: douching enema
Netra Basti: medicated eye bath
Katti Basti: lower back bath therapy
Udvartana: body scrub with medicated herbs & spices
Indictions and contra-indications for all treatments
Prerequisite – Must Be An Ayurvedic Practitioner