Gurukula means apprenticeship and includes a mix of classroom and hands on education, with detailed instruction in all aspects of Ayurveda, herbal usage, essential oils and food preparation. Taught by Light Miller Vaidya and Bryan Miller D.C., The course of study concludes with a supervised clinical practicum  utilizing other students and friends  as clients . Small class numbers and individual attention make this  traditional method of Ayurvedic study particularly effective.

This program meets two weekends a month beginning September 2012 and concluding in January 2013 . The student has an opportunity to learn from 35 years of clinical experience with  Master Ayurvedic teachers and the authors of 6 Ayurvedic books . This 224 hours program gives  the student  the tools to practice with clients under  expert supervision, upon completion of coursework. , The student becomes educator , counselor  and coach in supporting health and preventing dis-ease.   An  emphasis is placed on lifestyle and spiritual  support  in  awakening  to unlimited possibilities. Upon completion of the program the graduate is ready to work as an Ayurvedic Consultant in any clinical setting . For maximun assimalation, the course reccomends 2  hours of  study a day , at home . The student will first apply healing principles learned to themselves, then to family and finally to their  community.

Our goal is always to bring balance ,bliss and harmony within oneself and well being in all aspect of the students life , integrating a deep  connection to mind, body and spirit . For more information call  954 923-4444