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Why The New Online Format?

The new Online Program was created in response to several issues voiced by students in our classroom programs.

Students frequently had difficulty attending 2 weekend classes of 20 hrs each, every month, for 8 months. Especially those from out of town and out of state. In our new Online Format, students can be anywhere in the world, watch classes anytime that fits their schedule and take as long to complete the course as needed. Students save time, gas and lodging costs by not having to travel so many times to class. This is good for the students and the environment.

Students often stated that, ”So much information was delivered by the teachers in a weekend, that it could often not be fully retained, even with note taking.” The Online Format allows students to replay and review all classes as many times as necessary to assimilate the material into useable memory.

The students sometimes remarked that the weekends were too short a time to integrate the lifestyle and hands on aspects of the course into the patterns of their busy lives. We created the HANDS ON-18 DAY INTENSIVE portion of the ONLINE COURSE, October 22- Nov 1, 2016 at a tropical beach setting here in Puerto Rico, so that we can come together as a class, live the lifestyle, integrate the practices and learn those aspects of the course that require the physical presence of teachers to transmit the wisdom.

That would include learning the Ayurvedic Pulse, Aromatherapy, Marma Point Therapy, Herbology, Physical Assessment of the Client, Demonstrations of Ayurvedic Therapies and Hands-On Anatomy and Physiology. We will be cooking Ayurvedic Cuisine as a group so as to learn the art, economize and guarantee organic food. We will have Ayur-Yoga every morning, to integrate this healing modality and learn how to individualize a yoga routine for clients. There will be beach time, relaxation and play, as this is part of a healthy life.

The Online Ayurvedic Education program was created to train students to become Ayurvedic Clinical Counselor as designated by NAMA, the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. Graduates will be able to assess a client’s Ayurvedic Body Type, their Imbalance and make individualized recommendation in Diet, Herbal, Nutrition and Lifestyle for return to balance and health. Graduates will receive a diploma from The Ayurvedic College of Well Being. Graduates will be able to apply to NAMA to take their National Board Test and receive NAMA certification as Ayurvedic Clinical Counselor or alternatively graduates can apply to AAPNA (a competing national organization) for their certification. Our graduates will be prepared to work anywhere in the world, helping individuals to achieve balance and health.

The Teachers

Light Miller BS, DD, Vidya

Vidya is the Ayurvedic honorific, designating one who has mastered true knowledge. Born the daughter of an Ayurvedic Aromatherapist and the granddaughter of an Ayurvedic Herbalist, she was immersed very early in Ayurvedic practice. She has mastered many aspects of Ayurveda through self study and her teacher Pancha Bai Chotai (who was physician to Mahatma Ghandi and cofounder of Aruli Nature Cure Center with the Mahatma). She experiences transcendent joy teaching yoga and it’s sister science Ayurveda.
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Dr. Bryan Miller, D.C.

Bryan graduated Western University in 1979 with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. He practiced as a Chiropractic Physician in California, Hawaii and currently in Florida, with application pending in Puerto Rico. He has been a teacher with The Well Being Institute, Sarasota School of Massage, Florida College of Natural Health, Florida College of Integrative Health, and was an Instructor of Distinction at Everglades College. He is currently midway through The Florida DABCI training to become a specialist in Internal Medicine and Nutrition. He is a master of Anatomy and Physiology and Ayurvedic Therapies. He co-wrote with his wife, Ayurveda and Aromatherapy, the go to textbook in this combined science. He also co-authored the 1000 page textbook Ayurveda used by The Ayurvedic College for WellBeing and the Pancha Karma Training Manual. He brings an integrative and holistic point of view to the Online Ayurvedic Program. He is happy to answer students questions at 941-806-7213.

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