Online Skype Consultation

Light Miller- Online Skype Ayurvedic Consultation

From anywhere in the world, you can spend 1 ½ hours with Vidya* Light Miller to learn your Ayurvedic Body Type, discover the Herbs and Spices that will assist you towards balance, be introduced to powerful Essential Oils which are nature’s pharmacy, receive an Individualized Diet, Special Vitamin and Mineral recommendations, guidance in Body type appropriate Exercise and Lifestyle Suggestions. Light will examine your tongue, conduct other assessments and learn your detailed health history. She will be able to determine your original (true) body type (Prakruti) and discover what your imbalance (vikruti) has become over time.

Every piece of advice that Light gives you will move you closer to your true, healthy nature. Your herb tea blend will contain 7-14 herbs which assist with your symptomologies. A spice mixture may be prescribed to support digestion. A personalized massage oil for Abyanga (self massage) will be prepared.

Special blends of essential oils may be formulated. These can be shipped Priority Mail or Global Priority Mail (3-5 days anywhere in the world). Downloads of an appropriate Body Type Diet, Abyanga instructions, How to Prepare your Herb Tea, Skin Brushing Instructions and other files will be emailed to you. Meditation and Mantra may be given. Specific Yoga or asana may be suggested. Family and relationship difficulties may be explored. Specific books or exploration may be referred. You will have ample time to ask questions.

You may contact Light for clarifications afterwards, as often as needed, as it is a bit too much to assimilate all at once. A follow up consultation will be scheduled. Price is $230 US. Call 941-806-7213 for a scheduled appointment time.

*Vidya is an Ayurvedic honorific acknowledging one who has attained truth. Practically it is a practitioner who has mastered pulse diagnosis, other ayurvedic assessment techniques , who can provide guidance in are attaining balance and health.