Summer is quickly fading away, and soon it will be time to cleanse your body and mind in preparation for the Fall season. Records indicate that Pancha Karma has been used as early as 300 AD. Pancha Karma is usually performed at the change of seasons to prepare the body for changing weather and food. Pancha Karma is carefully adopted for each body type and specific conditions. The 5 actions that purify the body are: Oleation, Purgations, Nasal Therapy (Nasya), Sweats (Swedana), and Massage. Many times a Tarpana ceremony is also performed to provide emotional release. Pancha Karma is the rejuvenation science that can increase longevity and immortality. For those who pursue it, immortality is an achievable goal. Pancha Karma herbs and oils are used for longevity, rejuvenation, and are combined with body work, meditation practices, mantras, exercises, and breathing to create eternal well being. Ayurvedic Healers is here to serve anyone who would like to heal.