In India it’s the custom of the mother and her baby to be massage for 40 days after birth.  The child continues to be massaged until the age of 3.  Also as an honor to grandparents when you visit your grandparents you massage their feet, shoulders or head.   What makes and Ayurvedic Indian massage different from other massages is using specific oils for lowering the imbalance in the body.  When an individual is badly out of balance, an essential oils massage should be done at least 3 times a week and minimum once a week.  This is a gift that we should all give ourselves.  It is not a luxury, it’s a way of preventing decease.  Each person requires a specific different style of massage according to the body type (dosha) imbalance.

As the healing modality grows in our country, Ayurvedic Indian massage is becoming one of the forefront treatments, because it deals with specific imbalances.  Massage works as a mechanical cleaning, detoxifying the lymph and stimulating the immune system.  It produces an openness in the body, a relaxing open awareness of where tension is stored.

Regular massage is part of many ancient cultures to maintain health and vitality.  Take time to receive a massage during any stressful time, you will feel the difference at work and your tension levels decrease.


  Indian Ayurvedic Winter Specials

  • Six (6) Massages (Abhyanga, Deep-Tissue, Swedish) – $475.00
  • Chiropractic consultation & Massage (first- time customer) – $120
  • Follow-up chiropractic consultation & Massage – $90
  • Shirodhara & Massage – $135
  • Ayurvedic consultation & Three (3) Ayurvedic Personalized Treatments (4 hours) – $475
  • Get ready for Spring and Summer. Try our personalized weight-loss personalized plan! Consultation with Ayurvedic practitioner & Customized Ayurvedic Food Plan for your specific Dosha body type – $255
  • For ultimate purification, cleansing, and slimming, try our Global Cleansing – $295


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