Features If you’ve been injured in an accident or are experiencing chronic pain, come to our new Ayurvedic Center for Well Being located in Hollywood, Florida for relief and healing. Doctor Bryan Miller, D.C. has been practicing for 33 years and offers Ayurvedic holistic counseling as well as chiropractic treatment.

In ancient India, chiropractic medicine was very much a part of Ayurveda. Bone setting, manipulation, and stretching the spine as in yoga, have been a common practice in this ancient medicine. Chiropractics offers more than just adjustments. We also offer nutritional coaching, injury prevention, posture integration, and tissue alignment. Chiropractors are considered physicians in Florida and can be used as a primary care physician in workman’s compensation and personal injury cases. The combination of massage, chiropractic care and trigger point therapy can enhance many health and bodily functions.

We all know that balance is important to health. Activity needs to be balanced with rest. Concern needs to be balanced with not caring. In the area of the musculo-skeletal system, the left side of the joint needs to be in balance with the right side of the joint. Both musculature and connective tissue can become more tired on one side of the joint, causing malfunction, irritation, inflammation, and pain. The knee is a perfect example of a joint that is highly susceptible to imbalances of musculature. The quadriceps muscle is a group of 4 muscles that work to extend the knee. Often, the medial or the lateral muscle in this group can become hypertensive resulting in misalignment, and wear and tear on the knee itself. Over time, this can worsen, causing the individual to seek help from a professional.

Features In our office, we assess the knee orthopedically for stability of the ligaments and the integrity of associated structures, such as the menisci. If findings in this area are unremarkable, we next check the muscles of the quad group and often find one side hypertensive, tender, and reactive. Treatment in this area with trigger point therapy relieves the muscle spasm, returning the knee to balance. A chiropractic adjustment of the knee joint reinforces proper alignment. The patient is instructed in appropriate exercises and stretching for the muscle groups of the knee. A holistic appraisal of the individuals general lifestyle can detect any contributing factors to general health issues. An assessment of the arches of the foot may reveal the need for orthotic support. A majority of knee pain patients respond favorably to this very simple and straightforward approach.

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