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Nancy Villa, Facial Especialist





60 minutes – $65
A truly blissful experience, all products used are organic and natural. Dedicated to peace of mind, this calming and renewing facial does not involve extractions. Gentle cleansing, nourishing masks and a full face, neck, arm & shoulder marma massage makes this an excellent choice for sensitivity, rosacea and dehydrated skin. Also ideal prior to special occasions.



70 minutes – $85
An Ayurvedic bliss therapy for well-being and spiritual beauty. A divinely relaxing experience that purifies, nourishes, and rejuvenates skin for a luminous glow. This nature based treatment uses dosha balancing organic essential oil blends with aromatherapy benefits to heighten the sensorial experience. A facial massage stimulates circulation, facilitating lymphatic drainage, flushing toxins, improving skin tone, and clearing energy blockages with Marma Therapy. Includes cleansing and gentle exfoliation, detoxifying mask using organic and natural ayurvedic products. The orchestration of sound, touch, nature’s remedies and balancing techniques leaves you feeling a deep sense of calm and tranquility. Includes a shoulder, neck and scalp massage. Balancing to all doshas.



90 min – $108

This facial includes all steps as in the Ayurvedic Facial , adding a relaxing non-surgical “face lift” using the kansa wand. This wand gently stimulates the facial nerves, acupressure points and the marma points of Ayurveda.  The skin becomes naturally hydrated, toned, and fine lines are smoothed. Experience how this unique combination of gentle balancing touch, use of marmas (vital energy points), stimulating scalp and ear massage. Together with the use of aromatic oils deeply calm, refresh, and re-energize your face and whole being.


the ultimate Thai Facial

90 min – $129

Let your eyes be pampered and rejuvenated with this amazing eye treatment that reduces puffiness, combats fines lines, dark circles & provides immediate results for an overall facial & brow lift. This treatment begins with a cleansing and exfoliation using organic blends of warm, botanical ingredients that gently nourish and soothe your eyes with additional advanced massage techniques to detoxify, sculpt & contour resulting in a mini-facial lift. A natural Thai White Clay mask is applied to hydrate, tighten and refresh tired eyes while your eyes relax under an aromatherapy herbal cushion. The treatment finishes with our signature Thai Wai Aromatherapy Sculpting Massage.



70 minutes – $95

This treatment will help you get rid of clogged pores and acne on the back, providing a deep cleansing to achieve a glowing skin in this area naturally difficult to reach. This treatment helps to heal, nourish and decongest with the use of organic herbs, purifying mask, steam, and extractions for thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and detoxify from shoulders to waist.


60 minutes – $60

A customized Soothing facial for the cancer patient that will help them counter and manage the side effects of cancer therapies. Includes hydrating facial and scalp treatment, and gentle massage of neck, shoulders, arms, hands and feet.



40 minutes – includes lite foot massage – $45

Osmosis Detox Foot Bath Comfortably removes toxins through the process of osmosis. Reduces inflammation, joint pain, improves immune system, hormonal imbalance, sleeplessness and more.



Eyelashes tinting – $20   Eyebrow tinting – $20

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Shades of Healing

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Wrinkle Free

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~Keep your skin looking young and healthy~

Dr. Light Miller 150 years Ayurvedic Family Beauty Secret 

The most exotic blends of essential oils especially formulated to relax and rejuvenate your skin making it lustrous, radiant, and wrinkle free.

The first 30 years of your life determined the lines in your face and the next 30 years the lines in your face determines how you feel about life.

Use Wrinkle Free in the morning & night to keep your face looking young and relax.

This blend could erase brown spot, burns, and scars.

~Made with organic essential oils & without cruelty~

Prices: 1/2 oz for $32.95 or 1 oz for $60

*Send us a msg if you want to order, we send by mail and accept MC & Visa*

info@ayurvedichealers.com or call (954)923-4444


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Carlos Gomez , San Salvador 2008

I suffer from migraines headaches for 20 years  , I try every medical treatments in the medical world , along with acupuncture and other alternative natural treatments . I was refer to Ayurvedic medicine  and after 10 days of Pancha karma and lifestyle changes my head began to feel better . I went home with a diet program , foods to avoid , meditation and yoga my life is totally transform . I now can play with my grand children and enjoy my life again . At the Ayurvedic Center I was treated with love kindness and support . I let go of a lot of my life stresses that kept me stock on the past sufferings , from all my old believe system . I enter deep forgiveness an this helped to let go and truly walk into my new life.  Meditation and yoga is one of the greatest gift I incorporated into my daily routine .

Yolanda Rivera  , South Carolina   , 2010

Finding Pancha karma at the Ayurvedic Center was life changing . I  did seven days of cleansing and this gave a jumped start to a new way of looking at my eating habits and my attachment to food . I learned so much about myself that I became aware that the lifestyle   . I was the cause of many years of struggling with  my weights problems . I now have my perfect weight and in a year I lost 75 lbs.

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Ayurvedic Facials

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Yoga Classes

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The word yoga means “to yug” which is a sanskrit in ancient Indian language that translates to “union.” It allows a deep connection with mind, body, and spirit. Yoga is the sister medicine to Ayurveda which brings us alignment & flexibility of our bodies with a deep connection to the essential self. Yoga is the physical therapy of Ayurveda which maintains a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and a stress free existence. We have put together a great group of teachers to bring you yoga meditation. We offer meditation and chanting which is one way we prepare the body and mind to release stress and to maintain wellbeing. Learn different forms of yoga with us here at Ayurvedic Healers. Please R.S.V.P. for classes at 954-923-4444.

Monday Classes:   8:30am Yoga with Light Miller,  11:00am Eygptian Yoga with Juliana Please R.S.V.P.

Tuesday Classes:  9:00am Yoga with Ramesh and 7:00pm Pranayama and Meditation Please R.S.V.P.

Wednesday Classes:  8:30am with Light Miller,  10:00am Yoga with Nalini Please R.S.V.P.

Thursday Classes: 9:00am Yoga with Ramesh and 7:00pm Pranayama and Meditation Please R.S.V.P.

Friday Classes:  11:00am Eygptian Yoga with Juliana Please R.S.V.P.

Saturday Classes:9:00am Yoga with Ramesh R.S.V.P.

Single Group Classes: $12 per class (5 or more classes $10 per class)

We offer Private Yoga Classes with Ayurvedic Coach, Batool Merali. By appointment only. $50.00






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Classes in Puerto Rico begin soon!

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Ayurveda Level 1 begins November 8th, 2014 

Click link to view schedule:


The total cost for this program is $3,800, plus $395 for the books.

Books are free for those who pay in full ONE MONTH BEFORE TRAINING BEGINS. Payment arrangements can be made through Sadhana Healing Arts. For more information please call (787) 758-1739 or write info@sadhanahealing.com.

Please make sure you send the following…

  • Filled out your Application
  • Recent Passport Photo
  • Deposit of $200 (will be redeem to your program total payment)



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