A Sacred Training in Ayurveda’s Language

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The Ayurvedic Center for Wellbeing is excited to welcome Kailas, a Los Angeles-based Ayurvedic Healer with 30 years of experience and practice in Vedic wisdom. Kailas will be leading a 2 day Sanskrit teaching on October 24-25, 2015. Dive deeper into the heart of Ayurvedic wisdom. Learn important perspectives and develop tools that will build your practice and knowledge of the Ayurvedic life path.

 You Will Learn:

  •       Basic Sanskrit for Ayurveda
  •       In Depth Ayurveda
  •       The Charaka Samhita
  •       New Dimensions in Ayurvedic Healing



Kailas received his Ayurvedic clinical training from Drs. Light Miller and Bryan Miller. He specializes in bone and joint health, reproductive health, immune system, energy and vitality, healing the emotions, the mind and the brain.

Fee $195 To Register / For More Information Call 954-923-4444


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Ayuryoga Teacher Training in Puerto Rico

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Sign up for this unique yoga training that joins sister sciences, Yoga and Ayurveda. Taking place in the scenic, surfing and vacation coastal town of Rincón, Puerto Rico, teachers Dr. Light Miller and Paolo Torres welcome participants to expand their yoga abilities and add to their teacher skills with a 14 day immersion in Ayuryoga. Limited spaces available, apply here soon: Yoga Sadhana Application.


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Register soon for an Ayurvedic Education

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Our mission at the Ayurvedic College for Well-Being is to train our most qualified students to prepare them to perform Ayurvedic consultations and offer healing and transformational Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations.

This unique Ayurvedic Program is the only one of its kind in the East coast of the United States. Courses are taught by Drs. Light and Bryan Miller, who bring an interactive approach to training Ayurvedic Counselors and Lifestyle Coaches by embracing Ayurveda in their personal lifestyle and passing on their tools with a Naturopathic perspective. Through their experience over the past 35 years, the Millers have trained over 500 Ayurvedic Counselors and Lifestyle Coaches. Once you complete this exciting program you will be able to accomplish a host of career driven skills in the Ayurvedic health field, including:

  • Determine the body constitution and imbalances
  • Incorporate Ayurvedic diagnostic techniques (including pulse reading, tongue, and face/marma points
  • Perform a complete Ayurvedic Consultation
  • Suggest effective Ayurvedic herbal blends
  • Create and blend medicinal oils by applying Aromatherapy
  • Perform body detoxification (liver, cleanse)
  • Apply Shirodhara
  • Provide diet guidelines
  • Cook an Ayurvedic menu
  • Make appropriate Ayurvedic lifestyle recommendations to overcome health imbalances
  • Preventative Consultations

Our next level 1 program in Hollywood, Florida will begin on September 25th , 2015.

For more information please visit the Ayurvedic Center for Well Being at 2119 A Hollywood Blvd , Hollywood Florida 33020, or contact us by phone at 954 923-4444 or cell 941-806-7760 and via email at earthess@aol.com


The Ayurvedic College for Well-Being is a registered religious college in the State of Florida, recognized with AAPA (Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America) and NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association).  Graduates will be eligible to apply independently for various Ayurvedic associations upon completion.

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Taking Care During Kapha Season

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Ayurveda classifies the seasons according to their respective Dosha. As we leave the winds of the Vata season (Fall) behind, we move into the Kapha season – the winter season. This is the season of lingering flu, colds, and bronchitis. Staying warm and dry is important. Keeping the immune system strong is very important during this time of cold, changeable weather.

Made up of a mixture of water and earth, Kapha is responsible for the energy that gives the body its structure. It lubricates our joints and skin, assisting in the healing of wounds and immunity. Like winter characteristics, Kapha is slow, heavy, damp, oily, slimy, soft, static and sweet. When an imbalance has manifested, successful treatment requires increasing opposite qualities.

Herbs to remember for good health during Kapha season

Basil – Good for lungs, excellent ingredient for salad dressing, opens heart and mind; bestows love and devotion, clears aura and strengthens immune system.

Tulsi – The Indian variety of Basil and next to Lotus, is perhaps the most sacred plant of India. It has a strong purifying influence to the nervous system and absorbs negative ions and liberates the ozone from the suns rays. Both basils are diaphoretic, release fevers; decongest the lungs relieving flu and respiratory conditions. The Indian variety is more pungent than the western variety that we have in our markets.

Sage – Known for reducing excess water weight in the body; it has astringent quality, good for night sweats. It dries mucous membrane, suppresses mammary secretions, stops bleeding and is very good for ulcers. A great expectorant for the winter months.

Rosemary – Mental alertness, digestive aid, expectorant, and rejuvenative.

Thyme – A great pain reliever; it is warming to the digestive tract.


Learn more about balancing your Dosha during Kapha season, including practicing a Kapha pacifying diet, by scheduling a consultation today.

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Weight Loss with Ayurveda

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Despite the fact that people try diet upon diet, gimmicks, exercises, and fads, obesity has become a modern Western disease of major proportions. Over 60% of North Americans are 15 pounds or more over their optimum weight. Obesity shortens life, restricts mobility, decreases enjoyment, reduces attractiveness (less sex), lowers self-esteem, and diminishes awareness. Given all this, why is our culture seemingly uncontrollably overweight? What can Ayurveda do about it?

Ayurveda sees four major factors contributing to the problem: (1) over-abundance, (2) toxins, (3) sedentary lifestyles, and (4) failure of the intellect. The ancient science of Ayurveda has tried and true answers to this modern dilemma.

Ayurveda is the 5,000 year old “Science of Life”. It is an all-inclusive science, encompassing every facet of living. It began with ancient Holy men so connected to the Divine that the deepest truths were accessible to them. They then made these truths available to all beings, first through an oral history and later through written texts.

Ayurveda was the world’s first medical system. It used food, surgery, herbs, exercise, and meditation to bring the sick back into harmony. Ayurveda is the only medical system which recognizes that different people have different metabolisms. Ayurveda treats each “bodytype” differently. “One man’s food is another man’s poison”, observed Hippocrates, the father of Greek medicine. Dr. Deepak Chopra has created an enormous awareness of this medical system through his best selling books, tapes, and personal appearances.

Ayurveda distinguishes three main bodytypes:

Vata (air)
Pitta (Fire)
Kapha (water-earth)
-Thin framed
-Variable digestion
-Difficulty gaining weight
-Holds weight around
-Medium framed
-Strong digestion
-Can gain or lose weight easily
-Gains weight evenly
-Large framed
-Slow digestion
-Difficulty loosing weight
-Gains weight in hips and
the middle especially in chest thighs


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Financing for Pancha Karma and More

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Funding your Ayurvedic treatments is now at your fingertips. Apply with Care Credit at our office or by visiting carecredit.com and completing an online application. With approval, you can be on your way to covering services at our center. We look forward to assisting you on your healing journey.

Contact us to learn more

Scan 150270009

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Global Cleanse

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Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever!


Welcome the new year with our Global Cleanse. Get rid of unwanted weight. Expels all your toxins – physical and emotional. Cleanse your body and your soul.  Give yourself the gift of health, balance and bliss.


Your customized and personalized program is a “Dosha” (body type) specific program, which you will follow for 30 consecutive days.

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