Metabolic Consultation


Online or In Person A patient wishing a metabolic consult will receive a 10 page, in-depth Medical History and Symptomology Form. This will be returned along with all laboratory/diagnostic tests and reports from other physicians several days or more before the scheduled appointment. Dr. Miller will conduct a thorough interview with appropriate physical exams (if in person). Based on these findings, a requisition for current labwork will be emailed to the patient, who can contact for times and locations. Results are received by Dr. Miller on the second day and additional tests can be ordered without another blood draw if they are needed.

A report of findings is scheduled, where lab results are explained, a working diagnosis is explored and appropriate referrals, supplementation, diet and lifestyle changes are given. Patient education in the areas of food choices, preparation, combining and portion control can be important.

Other lifestyle changes such as sleep patterns, exercise and relationship reassessment are often part of a health makeover. A period of trial therapy will produce a reduction of symptoms, if diagnosis is accurate and patient compliance is high. I often find that, at first, compliance at the 85-95% level is necessary, to produce noticeable improvements. Cheating on diet restrictions can throw you back to square one in many cases. Some additional therapies may be recomended to support immune recovery, for example: massage, acupuncture, chiropractic mobilizations, colon therapy or ayurvedic therapies.

After 2-3 months, a repeat of some labwork may be justified to correlate with the symptomatic improvements. At a point of maximum improvement the patient can operate on their own with their new understanding of their individualized nature and come in for yearly check ups or when a new symptom appears.