Correspondence Course

Features We offer a 1,000 page correspondence course in four books available for $395 that includes homework revision and grading. They include all information required to give a consultation. However, if you are serious about becoming a practitioner there are a few classes that you would need to take in a classroom setting, so we can be assured you are capable. The required classes are Aromatherapy, Herbology, and Pulse Diagnosis. There is an additional charge of $300 for each of these classes.

In the US, this field is growing tremendously. Medical doctors are hiring Ayurvedic practitioners. The professions of aromatherapy and massage therapists using essential oils are also growing at an increasing rate.

In order to be certified with different Ayurvedic associations you must have 350 classroom hours and 150 peripheral. Because the correspondence course is not done in this setting, it would only be accountable for your peripheral hours.

Features Therefore in order to be qualified, you must set aside 1 week time for the final exam, in which time you will study personally with both of us, so as to be certain you are capable of consulting. There is an additional charge of $150 dollars for the final exam. The hands-on classes, the final exam, and a requirement of case studies would account for your 250 classroom hours. Another way to obtain your hours would be to go with us on a vacation with applicable learning hours. Check out our schedule for dates and more information on these trips.

We also offer a Gurukula Apprenticeship Program for those who qualify.
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Bryan and Light Miller