Kaya Kalpa


History of Kaya Kalpa

Ten thousand years ago, a King of India had a problematic, headstrong daughter who refused to marry any of the eligible princes who were presented to her. In anger and frustration, the king decreed that she was to be blindfolded and placed in the castle courtyard in the midst of all her suitors. The man she touched was to be her husband and their children would continue the royal line.

On that day an elderly holy man wandered into the courtyard to deliver herbs to the King’s physician, and, by chance, was touched first by the princess. Even though he pled exemption due to his advanced age and holy vows, the King’s word was law and they were to marry in three months time. The holy man consulted his teacher about his problem and the teacher instituted an intensive program to rejuvenate and energize.

For 90 days the holy man ate a special diet, performed breathing techniques, took ritual herbal baths and was anointed with sacred oils. At the end of that time his hair had turned from gray to black, a new set of teeth had grown into his mouth, and his skin and body were youthful and strong. He married the princess. They had many children and of course lived happily ever after. This was the beginning of Kaya Kalpa treatment. Vigorously, suppressed by the British, it was almost lost. There are now fewer than 30 practitioners in the world.

Kaya Kalpa

“Kaya” means bodies and “Kalpa” means transformation. Kaya Kalpa treatments reverse the effects of time and regenerate the entire body, mind, and spirit. This secret healing technique was used in India for thousands of years by religious healers to rejuvenate and give longevity to royalty and holy sages.



The Treatment begins with an assessment of your Ayurvedic body type using pulse diagnosis and a questionnaire format. You will be given the appropriate lifestyle, diet, herbs, and essential oils to bring you back into balance.

While maintaining a tantric, connective breath, an herbal paste made from Indian herbs is massaged onto your entire body. The paste draws out impurities while re-vitalizing the skin and brings emotions to the surface. After the paste is dried, it is removed by further body work that reaches deep holding patterns. Skin brushing completes the stimulation and cleansing. Special herbal oil is formulated and applied by a third massage to nourish and seal the skin.

A steady stream of warm oil is directed onto the area of the third eye for 30 minutes creating ecstatic sensations and expanded awareness. This is shirodhara (or shirodara).

A hot bath is prepared with herbal extracts and essential oils. The recipient enters and performs multiple rounds of Breath of Fire ( Kundalini ) and primal sounds. This creates a fiery state to release unexpressed emotions and fears. Guided Forgiveness Rituals release you from past projections about relationships and creates an opening for new ways of perceiving them. A cooling shower returns the person to the body and initiates divine connectedness, while affirmations refill the mental body.

The patient is dried and placed in a cocoon of sheets and blankets. The chakras (energy centers) are anointed with the most powerful and spiritual of essential oils while a deep meditative breath is maintained.

A restful state of bliss is obtained that can carry over for the next few days, weeks even months in everything planned and performed. After the treatment, one is at rest from 2 to 5 hours.

During Panchakarma treatments, Kaya Kalpa treatments are given daily.

  • Duration: 4 hours Price: $600.00