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In today’s world, many forms of treatments, both new and old, are available to bring greater vitality to our daily life. Aromatherapy is the art and science of using scent or aroma to beautify, rejuvenate, revitalize, and heal the body. Aromatherapy is an important part of home health care, because it puts the strongest concentration of herbal healing at your fingertips for rapid results. This ancient science goes back 3,500 years and was used in the Egyptian, Indian, Greek, Roman, and Chinese civilizations to enhance health. The use of essential oils was an integral part of the medicinal system of each culture.

Aromatherapy uses aromatic plants which contain volatile substances to support and maintain our health, allowing for a more enjoyable and pleasurable existence. No one enjoys being ill and, with aromatherapy, no one needs to be sick for long.

The essential oil of a plant is the most concentrated and healing part and contains many of the plants medicinal properties. The most common way to get the oil is through the distillation of plant material. Essential oils can be distilled from the seed, bark, fruit, leaves, sap, resins, flowers, and roots of plants. Black pepper seed, cinnamon bark, orange skin, eucalyptus leaf, pine sap, frankincense resin, lavender flowers, and ginger root are classic examples of what can be distilled, each into a distinct oil containing special healing properties.

The essential oil is the active principle or life essence of the plant. “Oil” is really a misnomer (wrong naming), because it contains no vegetable oil and often has a consistency closer to rubbing alcohol. The natural chemicals that are extracted in distillation are composed of alcohols, baldheads, ketenes, monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, ethers, and esters. These natural chemicals possess healing abilities comparable to allopathic medicines. In fact, many pharmaceuticals are models of chemical constituents originally isolated from plants. These active ingredients have medicinal qualities such as being antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-spasmodic (calms muscles), aphrodisiac, carminative (helps digestion), diaphoretic (promotes sweating), expectorant (expels mucous), and diuretic. They have profound effects on human physiology. When diluted by air or steam, we can inhale them. When added to food or drink, they are consumed. When diluted in vegetable oil, cream, or bath water, it is in contact with our skin.

Essential oils are highly concentrated and, therefore, should always be diluted. Essential oils can be directly absorbed through the skin, the gastrointestinal tract, and through the lung tissue, causing powerful changes in the metabolism of all “entry” organs. After initial absorption, essential oils circulate through the blood and lymph, again being available for assimilation. They are eventually eliminated through the lungs, skin, kidney, liver, and gastrointestinal tract, where they have additional therapeutic action on the “exit” organs. When smelled, psychological and physical changes are instantly produced by directly stimulating the nerve pathways between the nose and the brain, as well as stimulating the limbic system, which is our primitive brain, where our memories, desires, and emotions are stored and accessed.

Daily, you are already using foods, medicines, shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, and skin products which contain essential oils. To name a few: Spearmint Gum, Wintergreen Lifesavers, Vic’s Vapor Rub, Campbell’s soups, Snapple drinks, and Channel #5 all contain “natural flavorings” (i.e., essential oils). Each plant has its own distinctive properties, which are held in the essential oils ready for our use.

Try trusting your “un-common” sense of smell if you feel drawn to an essential oil. Trust your nose. Any oil which you are attracted to has a gift for you. They can be used to create a different atmosphere in your home. They are relatively inexpensive, so you can experiment with different oils to see what effects you enjoy. Some will lift your spirits; some will create a sense of calm; others will improve your memory or awareness, etc.

Essential oils, when stored properly, have a shelf life of many years as opposed to herbs and spices which lose their potency in a matter of months. In some European countries, aromatherapy is prescribed by medical doctors. It is also part of the health care system with many hospitals and practitioners prescribing the oils, and insurance companies paying their cost. You obtain the prescribed oils from the pharmacy.

Even though essential oils have been used for thousands of years, they have only recently returned to general awareness. The last twenty years have produced a renaissance in herbalism and its equal cousin, aromatherapy.

Guidelines for Amounts of Essential Oils
to be Used in Various Application Methods

Application Favorites

15-30 drops in bathwater. Geranium, Lavender

Foot Bath:
15-20 drops per 2 quarts of water. Peppermint, Eucalyptus,
Tea Tree

40-60 drops in 4 oz of carrier oil. Lavender, Rosemary
For specific conditions: You may want to Eucalyptus, Lemongrass
make it stronger; up to 60 drops per ounce.

3-6 drops in cup of water, absorbed into a
wash cloth and applied to the affected area.
Direct Inhalation:
2-3 drops per 8 oz. of boiling water in a bowl; Rosemary, Eucalyptus
place a towel over your head. Carefully
inhale the steam for 3 minutes.
Facial Steam:
5 drops per cup of water. Lavender, Rose
Candle Making:
40-60 drops per 8 oz. of wax Tangerine, Lemon
Body Wrap:
15 drops in 12 ounces of hot water. Juniper, Cypress
Soaked in cloth bandages –
(“surgical sleeve” made of cloth) can be
purchased from medical supply store.
Heat it before applying warm.

Car Pottery Diffuser: (A small clay
ornament that will slowly disperse the Bergamot, Peppermint
oil’s fragrance.) 5 drops in pottery.

Bath Gels:
15 drops per 1 ounce. Same as bath

1 drop=1 teaspoon of powdered herb in recipes. All spice oils, e.g., ginger, black pepper, etc.

1-2 drops per quart of water. Dhavana, Tea Tree

Air Conditioner:
10-15 drops on filter. Pine, Orange

Potpourri Pot:
3-10 drops in water. Tangerine, Ylang Ylang

1 drop on toothbrush. Fennel, Mint, Anise

Restful Sleep:
3 drops on pillow. Lavender, Ylang Ylang

Liquid Cleanser:
10 drops per ounce of liquid cleanser. Lemon, Orange, Pine

Pet Care Shampoo:
15 drops per ounce of shampoo. Pennyroyal, Eucalyptus,

Mouth Wash:
10 drops per 4 ounces of water. Same as toothpaste
Shampoo, Conditioner, Scalp Treatments:
20 drops per 4 ounces of liquid. Chamomiles, Lavender,
Rosemary, Rosewood

100 drops per 1 ounce of alcohol, Rose, Geranium,
jojoba oil or vegetable oil. Neroli, Lavender
30 drops per 2 ounces of vegetable oil. Bergamot, Tea Tree
1 drop of oil (mixed into 1 drop of vegetable oil) Sandalwood, Elemi
on third eye center of forehead or in diffuser.

Clothes – Washing: (for clothes line drying) Lavender, All citrus
During final rinse, put in 20 drops
essential oil.

Clothes – Drying:
Place 10 drops on a cotton ball or piece of Same
cloth in dryer 10 minutes before clothes are

Hot Tubs & Saunas
-These areas are especially prone to bacteria. Thyme, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit,
Use 3 drops per person. Lavender, Lemon, Cinnamon, Clove.
-Saunas; several drops in water to spray area. Pine, Lavender, Thyme, Rosemary

-To counteract paint odor, add 5 ml bottle of
favorite essential oil to 1 gallon paint.

Floors & Carpet
-For a nontoxic floor and carpet cleaner, add
essential oils to household cleaners.
-Hardfloors; add ¼ cup white vinegar to one
bucket water with 5-10 drops lemon oil. If floor
is extremely dirty, add a few drops of
dishwashing detergent.

Water Distillers and Filters
-Apply oils to the post-filter Peppermint, Lemon, Clove, Cinnamon
side of water purifier to purify water.

*=contraindicated for pregnancy

*ANGELICA ~ “the archangel of healing,” builds immunity, strengthens the hormone system; creates inner strength and bravery. Bath, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

ANISE ~ food and drink flavoring; helps asthma, coughs, colds, allergies, indigestion, lactation, and cramps; calming effect. (Bath, compress, food seasoning, inhalation, massage, tea)

*BASIL {the oil of Krishna}~ food seasoning; good for asthma, sinus, bronchitis, headaches, depression, and tension. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

BAY ~ helpful in scalp dryness, respiratory problems, infections, indigestion; used extensively in food seasoning. (Food seasoning, inhalation, massage, perfume)

BENZOIN ~ preservative; useful for PMS, stress, wounds, softens scars, dry irritated skin, coughs, asthma, poor circulation. (Bath, compress, inhalation, massage, perfume)

BERGAMOT ~ used in Earl Gray tea; helpful for acne, fevers, infections, varicose veins and depression. (Bath, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

BIRCH ~ ” smells like wintergreen,” used for hair loss, mouth sores, insomnia, skin problems, anxiety. (Bath, inhalation, massage, tea)

BLACK PEPPER ~ “great for seasoning foods,” helps colds, toothache, indigestion, weight loss, gas, nausea. (Food seasoning, massage)

CAJEPUT ~ “tea tree family,” good for acne, wounds, infections, muscle pain, fluid retention, liver obstruction. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation, massage)

*CALAMUS ~ used for treating asthma, sinusitis, fatigue, back pain. (Bath, compress, massage)

*CAMPHOR ~ asthma , bronchitis, nasal, sinus, congestion, acne, epilepsy, muscle spasms, hysteria. (Bath, compress, massage)

*CARAWAY ~ excellent in breads, sauces, and soups; helpful for indigestion, fluid retention, loss of memory. (Compress, food seasoning, massage)

CARDAMON ~ used in Lebanese coffee and cookies; detoxifies caffeine; opening to the heart; aids in indigestion, coughs, colds. (Bath, compress, food seasoning, inhalation, massage, perfume)

CARROT SEED~ “oil of the skin,” tones and tightens skin; can assist in abscesses, boils, liver and gallbladder problems, colitis. (Massage, perfume)

*CEDARWOOD – “the familiar smell of cedar closets,” helpful in treating acne, oily skin and hair, bladder infection, eczema. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, massage, perfume, tea)

CEDARWOOD – HIMALAYAN – ” scent of the Himalayas,” creates clarity and connectedness; used in treating depression, urinary tract infection; respiration, congestion. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)
CHAMOMILE -BLUE – “The Blue Oil,” incredible anti-inflammatory and immune builder; used for burns, fever, skin irritation, menopause, migraine, stress, relaxation, spasms. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation, massage, perfume)
CHAMOMILE – GOLD – “a children’s oil,” because of its warm fruity smell; helpful for irritability, stress, fever, colic, indigestion, cramps, pain. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

*CHAMOMILE – MOROCCAN {absolute} – “the smell is rich, warm, and sweet,” for acne, inflamed skin, bruises, burns. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, massage, perfume)

*CINNAMON – ” the spice of life,” adds warmth to perfume blends; aids in digestion, menopause, circulation, sore muscles, colds. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

CITRONELLA – excellent bug repellent, good to add to pet shampoo; used as a deodorizer, disinfectant, antiseptic, stimulant, purifier. (Bath, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, massage)

CLARY SAGE – ” the woman’s oil,” helpful in PMS, menopause, frigidity, skin irritation, nervousness, infection; creates euphoria and relaxation. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

*CLOVE – ” used by dentists for anesthesia,” helpful with toothache, colds, cough, asthma, indigestion, vomiting, hiccups, low blood pressure. (Compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, massage, perfume, tea)

CORIANDER – “seed of cilantro,” decongestant to liver, aphrodisiac; helpful in urinary infections, burns, skin irritation, indigestion, allergies. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

CUBEB ~ has a light peppery smell; used for congestion, weight loss, indigestion, skin eruptions. (Compress, massage, perfume)

CUMIN – familiar Mid Eastern seasoning,; small amounts in perfume creates a sensual effect; excellent for the immune system, digestive, carminative. (Bath, compress, food seasoning, massage, tea, perfume)

CYPRESS – “oil to reduce all excesses in the body,” excess bleeding, mucus, weight etc.; good for oily skin, nerves and muscle spasms; female rejuvenative; helpful in treating PMS and menopause. (Bath, compress, inhalation, tea, perfume)

CYPERUS- distilled from a grass that grows wild in India. Woody spicy sweet; astringent, calming, and sedative. (Bath, compress, massage, perfume)

DHAVANA – good for balancing the female cycle, reduces cysts, and skin irritation; it is antiseptic, an aphrodisiac and calming. (Bath, compress, food seasoning, inhalation, massage)

DILL – add to salad dressing; helps with flatulence, muscle spasms, nervousness, vomiting and hiccups; reduces sex drive, promotes lactation. (Food seasoning, perfume, massage)

ELEMI – “used in Europe for 500 years in salves and liniments”; a freshener in perfumery; good for inflammation, wounds, cuts, excessive bleeding; expectorant. (Compress, inhalation, massage, perfume)

EUCALYPTUS – “the respiratory oil,” excellent for asthma, bronchitis, colds, fevers, sinus sore throats, diabetes; used in muscle and joint liniments. (Bath, inhalation, compress, massage, tea)

FENNEL – “the breath freshener and digestant,” the seed is often served at the end of East Indian meals; antiseptic, laxative, tonic; decongests liver; increases lactation; reduces hangover. (Compress, bath, inhalation, tea, massage)

FIR – “the smell of the Christmas tree,” refreshing, clean, uplifting; relieves muscle spasms, asthma, joint pain, congestion. (Bath, inhalation, massage, compress)
FRANKINCENSE – “used for over 5000 years,” still burned in the Catholic Church for devotion and uplifting; for cuts, bruises, colds, sinusitis, mature skin, antiseptic, astringent. (Compress, massage, inhalation, perfume)

GERANIUM – “an oil for women and children,” helps maintain youthful skin; good for herpes simplex; anti-depressant, PMS, menopause, dermatitis, ringworm, shingles, ulcers, skin care menopause. (Bath, compress, inhalation, massage, perfume)
GINGER – ‘the Heating Oil,” digestive, expectorant, weight reduction, colds, migraines. (Bath, compress, inhalation, massage, perfume)

GRAPEFRUIT – lymphatic, congestion, diuretic, cellulite, anti-depressant.
(Compress, bath, inhalation, massage)

*HYSSOP – “mentioned 17 times in the Bible,” an ingredient in Chartreuse liquor: use for fevers, high blood pressure, congestion, indigestion, wounds, confusion. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation)

IMMORTELLE – “the dream oil,” creates vivid lucid dreams; reduces scars, acne, immune deficiency, cramps, liver weakness, and colds. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation)

*JASMINE {absolute}~ “queen of the night,” relaxant, aphrodisiac; useful in hoarseness, depression, impotence. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, massage, perfume)

JATAMASI – ~ the essential oil that Mary Magdalene anointed Jesus with at the Last Supper,” calms the stomach, stimulant to male hormones, grounding; helps in menopausal symptoms; moisturizes skin; rejuvenative. (Bath, food seasoning, massage, perfume)

*JUNIPER BERRY ~ “mover of fluids,” useful for congestion, edema, acne, wounds, indigestion, joint pain, gout, urinary tract infection. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

LAVENDER – “the universal oil,” brings balance to any condition; wonderful for children, skin care, burns, depression, headaches, tension, bites, stings, fatigue, fainting, congestion and more. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

LEMON – “the refreshing and familiar fragrance is stimulating,” creates clarity; useful in acne, indigestion, tiredness; used in many cleaning products. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, massage, perfume, tea)

*LEMON BALM – “also known as Melissa,” important for the immune system; helps allergies, fevers, indigestion, nervousness, muscle spasms, insomnia. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation, massage, perfume)

LEMON GRASS – “uplifting, anti-depressant,” aids digestion, headache, infection, muscle and joint pain, varicose veins. (Bath, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, massage, perfume, tea)

LIME – “the after shave oil,” used extensively in men’s toiletries; helpful in fever, nervousness, indigestion, tiredness, spasms, depression, infections. (Bath, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, perfume, tea)

MANDARIN RED – “combined with orange makes a happy oil,” good for kids at bedtime, stretch marks, nervousness, tension, spasms. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, massage)

*MARJORAM – “decreases sexual drive,” beneficial in arthritis, asthma, colds, constipation, tension, hysteria, insomnia, migraine. (Compress, food seasoning, massage)

*MYRRH – “one of the gifts of the Magi,” create confidence and awareness; helpful in irregular periods, coughs, asthma, bronchitis, arthritis, skin care, rejuvenation, weight loss. (Bath, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, massage, perfume)
MUSK FLORAL – “a vegetable substitute for animal musk,” excellent for aphrodisiac formulas, or as a base note for perfumes. (Bath, massage, perfume)

NIAOULI – “tea tree family,” especially effective in bacterial, yeast, viral and fungal infections; good for colds, flues, respiratory and urinary infections; joint and muscle pain. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation, massage, tea)

NUTMEG – stimulates brain activity, digestion, blood flow; grounding and strengthening. Good for toothache; aphrodisiac. (Food seasoning, massage, perfume)
ORANGE – from the orange skin; comforting and familiar, energizing and heart opening; used for cellulite, weak digestion, gingivitis, fever, sadness; also used for food flavoring in cakes and desserts. (Bath, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, massage, perfume, tea)

OUD – rarest and most expensive oil; creates a spirit connection between people; used to anoint the dead; aids transition; aura cleansing. (Perfume)

PALMAROSA – antiseptic, and cellular stimulant; good for wrinkles, dry skin, eczema; calming and uplifting. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, massage, perfume)

*PARSLEY – helpful in treating broken capillaries, circulation and fluid retention problems, abdominal or pelvic inflammation, swelling, stones, pain. (Compress, food seasoning, massage, tea)

PATCHOULI – grounding and calming, it can aid anxiety depression, hypertension, apathy, wrinkles, and fluid retention. A noted rejuvenative, it is aphrodisiac and sedative. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, massage, perfume)

*PENNYROYAL – good insect repellent for pets, added to shampoo. Some use in hysteria, nervousness, headaches. (Bath, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp)

PEPPERMINT – excellent for headaches, fevers, coughs, tiredness, gum infections, nervousness, asthma. 1 drop = instant tea. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

PETITE GRAIN – Distilled from citrus leaves and branches; excellent for muscle spasms, inflammation, nervousness, poor memory, indigestion, pain, poor circulation; it is uplifting and calming. (Bath, compress, inhalation, massage, perfume)

ROSE- BULGARIAN OR TURKISH. – Many feel Bulgarian is the best. Turkish is more subtle; wonderful for insomnia; all roses have approximately the same medicinal properties. (Bath, compress, food seasoning, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

ROSE-INDIAN- 1st. distribution – most rare; many people prefer the Indian Rose. All rose is highly prized in skin care for acne irritation, dryness, and wrinkles. Rose is opening to the heart, reduces anger, decongests the liver. Helpful in PMS and menopause. (Bath, compress, food seasoning, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

*ROSE MOROCCAN {absolute} – the Moroccan is warmer and sweeter; known rejuvenative, anti-depressant; regulates the menstrual period; aid digestion, fever, frigidity, and infection. (Bath, compress, inhalation, massage, perfume)

*ROSEMARY – “the health restorer,” useful in sinus, lung congestion, colds, flu, joint and muscle pain, swelling, indigestion, mental fatigue, nervousness; enhances memory. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

ROSEWOOD – grounding and connecting; antiseptic, relaxant, deodorizer; effective on dry skin and with infections. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, massage)
*SAGE (Spanish) ~ another women’s oil; helpful with PMS, menopause, hot flashes, water retention, gum infections, wrinkles, hair loss and night sweats. (Bath, compress, massage, perfume)

SANDALWOOD – “the spiritual oil of the Far East,” helps with grounding, connection, and focus on personal growth; stimulating to the immune and endocrine systems; effective for infections, laryngitis. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, massage, perfume, tea)

SAFFRON – extracted with vegetable oil; balancing to the nervous system because it calms the mind; useful for pain, spasm, irregular, menopause, PMS, depression, asthma, infertility, impotence and enlarged liver. (Bath, compress, food seasoning, massage, perfume)

TAGETES – “English Marigold Oil,” softens hardened tissues {calluses, scars, bunions, warts}; healing to skin irritations and wounds. (Compress, massage)
TANGERINE – “children’s oil,” – works well with gold chamomile and lavender, good for pregnant women because of it calming and uplifting qualities; aids in reducing tension, fear, sadness, insomnia, frigidity, digestive problems and PMS.
(Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, massage, perfume)

TEA TREE – ” a first aid kit in a bottle,” with hundreds of uses; effective against fungus, yeast, virus, and bacterial infection. Helpful in bites, stings, acne, bronchitis and urinary infections. (Bath, compress, inhalation, massage, tea)

*THYME, RED – ” big red of essentials,” – #1 for infections including athletes foot, staphylococcus, respiratory, sinus, and urinary. Useful for missed periods, wounds, acne, arthritis. (Compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, food seasoning, massage, tea)

TRIFOLIA – ” the traveler’s oil,” best known for relieving constipation when rubbed on the stomach; anti-fungal, ;warming , moisturizing. (Compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, massage, perfume)

*TUBEROSE {absolute} – used in finest of perfumes; intensely strong and floral; anti-depressant, and mood elevator; helps focus on serving others. (Massage, perfume)

TUMERIC – immune builder; good for digestion, cough, arthritis, wounds, bruises, confusion, and anxiety. (Compress, food seasoning, massage, perfume)

VALERIAN ROOT – “the pain killer,” also used for insomnia, cough, headache, skin problems, colic, stress, and indigestion. (Bath, compress, food seasoning, massage, tea)

VANILLA{oleoresin} – a favorite food flavoring in drinks and desserts; used in perfumes for warmth and relaxation; helpful with anger, frustration, and tension. (Food seasoning, massage, perfume)

VETIVER – “a grounding and balancing oil,” helps with scatteredness, confusion, skin aging, depression, menopause, PMS, anorexia; a known aphrodisiac. (Bath, massage)

*WINTERGREEN – “the icy hot liniment oil,” stimulant with extensive use in liniments; assists with muscle and joint pain, sciatica, sore throat. (Compress, massage)

YARROW – “heal all”; useful for fevers, bleeding, inflammation, ulcers, skin irritation, nose bleeds, headaches, and allergies; aids elimination; strengthens immune system. (Bath, compress, diffuser/spritzer/aroma lamp, inhalation, massage, perfume, tea)

YLANG YLANG – “flower of the Philippines,” aphrodisiac, antiseptic, sedative; helpful for frigidity, depression, insomnia, oily skin, and headaches. (Bath, compress, diffuser, massage, perfume)


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