Welcome to our beautiful new facility in downtown Hollywood, FL!

Introductory lectures on Ayurveda “The World’s Oldest Natural Medicine”

We are now open, ready to serve you with Ayurvedic treatments that support you in transforming your life. Our staff brings you the greatest healing modalities to discover harmony, balance and self love at any stage of your growing capacity for life. Ayurveda, which means the “science of life”, creates longevity and prevents dis-ease.

We offer full service treatments including: Abhyanga, Marma Therapy, Pancha Karma, Reflexology, Facials, Massage, and Chakra Anointment.

Weekly community introductory lectures – donation basis.

Dr. Bryan Miller, D.C. offers complete Chiropractic Care, nutritional coaching, and treatment for personal injury and worker’s compensation cases.

315 S 21st Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020 – 954-923-4444 – contact@ayurvedichealers.com