Pancha Karma Information

We are delighted that you are joining us for the Pancha Karma Program and look forward to being with you. This is the necessary information and preparatory procedures that would be most beneficial before your visit with us. In order to reserve your space, a deposit of $1,000 is required.

Periodic Pancha Karma is the key to rejuvenation and longevity.
Your program will begin with an Ayurvedic consultation and
a personal health history whereupon specific therapies are
then designed according to your condition, needs, and bodytype.
During the week-long intensive program you will experience many stages of healing.

In order to make your journey with us as graceful and enjoyable as possible,
we wish to advise you of what is required for preparation, what items to bring with you,
as well as a brief itinerary of your stay so that you may be informed.

Preparation (Purva Karma):
To enhance your Pancha Karma treatments it would be beneficial for you to follow your Ayurvedic diet and to eat no meat or fish for seven (7) days prior to arriving. If you don’t know your prakruti do the best you can. Also, use spices according to your doshas.

Purchase Triphalla and take nightly:
Powder form: Take 1/2 teaspoon every night mixed with water.
Tablet form: Take 6 tablets at bedtime with warm herbal tea of your choice.

For three days before arriving, take two tablespoons of oil nightly:
Vata: Use sesame oil or castor oil
Pitta: Use olive oil, sunflower or castor oil
Kapha: Use sesame oil or castor oil

The practice of yoga, prayer, meditation, and chanting may also be very beneficial as preparation for a heightened experience. “Expect” this journey to be especially transformative and joyful.

Personal Items:
Suggested items: large beach towel, large bath towel, light bathrobe, personal toiletries, a journal, any musical instruments, loose comfortable beachwear, exercise clothing, suntan lotion, windbreaker, skin brush for drybrushing of the skin, reading material, special power objects,
as well as all supplements you have been taking so that they may be evaluated.

Financial Preparations – Important

Pancha Karma Treatments are $575.00 per day. We recommend a 7 day treatment for best results and also offer 3 day and 5 day treatments.
7 day Pancha Karma paid in full will recieve a 10% discount.
Students receive our student discount of 15% off a full 7-10 day treatment.
$1,000.00 deposit is required immediately in order to hold your space.
Full payment must be received thirty (30) days prior to beginning of treatment.

Refund Policy:
· If notice of cancellation occurs more than 30 days prior to starting date – no penalty except a $100 processing fee.
· 29-23 days prior to starting date – 75% of total PK value will be returned.
· 22-15 days prior to starting date – 50% of total PK value will be returned.
· 14-7 days prior to starting date – 25% of total PK value will be returned.
· Within 6 days prior to starting date – no refund.
· All returns will be posted within 20 days of written or email cancellation.

We accept credit cards; MasterCard, Visa,
and American Express.
Additional Services:
Additional Pancha Karma treatments such as Shiro Basti (Head Soaking Oils), Kaya Seda (Pizhichil), Pinda Sveda (Navarakizhi), or Kaya Kalpa Spiritual Bodywork may be arranged for an additional fee.
If interested, please speak with us during the program or in advance for further information.

Each morning begins with yoga, meditation and chanting. During the first three days, medicated basti (enemas) are self-administered. You may experience discomfort and weakness during these three days as your body begins to detoxify. By day 4 you will experience an increased surge of energy and connectedness. Each day you will experience an essential oil massage, tarpana (relationship healing), shirodhara, vaporized sauna, and chakra annointment. Herbal teas, inhalations, organic fruits, vegetables, and fresh juices are provided daily for your body type and specific systemic cleansing.

Day 1 – Healing is directed towards Digestion
Day 2 – The Liver
Day 3 – The Kidneys
Day 4 – Lungs, Heart and Circulation
Day 5 – Sexual Organs
Day 6 – Rasayana – Rebuilding the Immune System
Day 7 – Ayurvedic consultation for your home care

Daily Schedule

8:00 am – Morning yoga, meditation, and chanting
-Light breakfast or fasting
-Colon cleanse for 3-5 days (basti)
-Massage by two therapists for 6 days
-Inhalation therapy for 6 days
-Vaporized sauna for 7 days
-Light lunch or juice fasting daily
-Karna Purana Ear Oil for 3 days
-Murdha Taila Head Oil, daily
-Lepa Therapy (plasters) when necessary
-Tarpana (Emmotional Healing) for 6 days
-Ayurvedic Facial
-Chakra Annointment for 6 days
-Light dinner or juice fasting
-Shirodhara for 6 days
-Reevaluation and consultation – on 7th day

For More Information Please Contact Light Miller: 941-806-7760

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