SHIRODHARA (Third Eye Balancing)

Is the technique of administering a stream of warm oil onto the Third Eye area of the forehead. Shirodhara is most effective when it is administered after a massage or a Tarpana ceremony when the patient is relaxed and calm. Shirdohara stimulates the nervous system by releasing neuro-hormones and creating ecstatic feelings of relaxation and pleasure. The patient should be advised to plan only light activity for several hours following the treatment.

Position the patient on the back with their neck supported by a rolled up towel. The head should be tilted back and extended off the table. Cover the patient with a sheet or blanket and place a bolster under the knees. Position a large bowl on the floor under the patient’s head to catch the oil as it runs off the forhead. Traditionally sesame oil is used, but it is also effective to use oil and essential oils appropriate to the doshic imbalance. The ela borate equipment used in India can be approximated in the United States by purchasing a separation funnell and stand from a chemistry supply store.

The shirodhara treatment usually takes thirty (30) minutes. A five to ten minute quite satisfying treatment, however, can be administered by using a one-cup plastic bottle with a squirt top.

Begin by applying a small stream of oil in the center of the forehead. While it is pleasurable to move the stream over the entire forehead and top of the head, the focus of the treatment hsould be on the Third Eye, a position one inch above and between the eyebrows. Protect the eyes from any accidental splattering. When the treatment is over, remove excess oil from the forehead and head with a small towel. The patient should remain in a state of relaxation for at least the next five to thirty (5-30) minutes. This treatment (shirodhara) is also spelled shirodara.


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